The Pyre of the Six was a major event at the end of the War of the Crimson Elephant, generally regarded as the end of the first Satar Exatai.

Description Edit

Following the death of Third Redeemer Xetares, the remaining Satar Princes committed suicide by self-immolation, in repentance for their defeat at the hands of Third Gaci and his armies, technically the first such defeat in recorded Satar history. Subsequent with the assassination of the High Oracle Ishalia at Magha, the Exatai was largely considered dissolved. The Pyre of the Six occurred in Rath Tephas, and subsequently became a major place of pilgrimage in the Ardavani faith.

The one exception to this suicide was Prince Hashaskor of the Star, the son of Atraxes, who was holding the Faronun city of Subal at the time. Learning after the fact that his Redeemer and fellow Princes were dead, he fled to the Kothai, and established a warlord-state there. While he himself did not claim Exatas, his sons would declare themselves Redeemers, rejecting the rule of Macrinus in the northern Ardavai Exatai.