A large Indagahori temple located in the city of Treha, the Pillar of Treha was commissioned by the Exarch Aean Thoronoi in 708 SR. It possesses a large central dome and three smaller partial domes built into the body of the structure. The main dome is sheathed entirely in brass paneling, and rises to a height nearing forty-five meters. The three secondary domes each bear an encircling band of brass panel, and are roofed in blue slate tiling. Each of these lesser domes joins the body of the building at approximately twenty meters. Dozens of arched windows arrayed horizontally across the strucutre provide interior lighting. The temple's entrance at the Dome of Illumination is flanked by two marbled columns, above which is carved a detailed marble frieze of an immense armada, it's ships engaged in battle with a dragon rising from the sea - Soliman the raegas of caprice, cruelty and dominion. Finely wrought mosaics of jade and lapis lazuli bedeck the ceilings of the secondary domes, each bearing a sutra exemplifying one of the three precepts of Indagahor. Though both impressive and opulent, it was decreed by a Conclave of the Masters in 721 SR that the Pillar of Treha would remain inferior in hierarchy to the Pillar of Truth in Epichirisi, though superior to any other Indagahori temple.