The Opulensi are, as a people, obsessed with gathering wealth, but they have also acquired quite an appetite for blood. Traditionally their states have been seafaring, merchantile nations to an almost absurd degree, but they have in recent years become a more militaristic, disciplined, expansionist people, especially with the rise of the Daharai philosophy. Most prominently the founders of the Opulensi Empire, Opulensi colonists have formed the basis for numerous other states -- Tars, Cynta, New Kalos, Erlias, Ichan, and Leun.

Opulensi arts have always been of excellent craftsmanship but quite elaborate in make; their sculpture and architecture is undistinguished. On the other hand, their coinage is among the best in the world, and certainly the most prominent of those used in eastern markets.

Opulensi are mainly adherents to Indagahor, the mystic philosophy that is native to the eastern spice islands (and a product of their sister culture, the Arta Xorti_, though recently Eastern Aitahism has made some inroads, especially in the Leunan Empire