The Matraxas stood in Magha, capital of the Exatai of the Satar and Ardavai Exatai. Originally a palace of the Redeemer Atraxes, it was constructed in the shape of an equilateral heptagon, topped by a tremendous blue-tiled dome that became something of an emblem for the city of Magha in general, and influencing the architecture of that city and, indeed, much of the known world, inspiring many imitators down the road. It was demolished by invading forces in the War of the Three Gods, though the blue tiles have subsequently become something of a souvenir, included in the construction of many new buildings and monuments.

The Ashelai Exatai, which has its capital in Magha has endeavoured as of the early decades of the 9th century RM (10th SR) To rebuild the ruined Matraxes upon its ancient site, as a symbol of that nations philosophical principles and restoration of satar glory in the ancient land of Satara.