One of the greatest cities in the world, built on the great promontory of red sandstone between two branches of the River Sesh, Magha, the Sapphire City, was for long periods the largest city in the Sesh, rivalling and sometimes surpassing Seis. Originally founded by the Bahran kings, it was vastly expanded by the Satar Redeemer Atraxes as the main project of his long reign. The fortress complex, new outer walls, and arena were all built during the Silver Prince's rule. At least 100,000 individuals live within its' walls, perhaps more. The domed monument of the Matraxas (Place of the Silver One) was once built as a palace by Second Redeemer Atraxes, but has since been converted into a temple for the High Oracle of Ardavan; at the tip of the cliff promontory was constructed the Ark, a massive citadel.

There are no bridges linking the city with the river banks across the cliffs, so one is forced to enter either by the river or through the landward walls. Another notable feature of the city is technically located below it, the cliffside monasteries of the Ardavani monks. These had been constructed some time into the reign of Atraxes, and would remain the center of Ardavan for several centuries until they were partially abandoned in the wake of the War of the Three Gods and the climactic assault on Magha. An extensive tunnel system burrowed beneath the city, occupied by the monks; though it was smoked out in the sack, it was never fully explored by the occupiers, and housed Satar resisters for decades, most notably during the Night of Reeds uprising.