Historical leaguegallasa

League in 590 SR, maximum extent

The League of Gallasa emerged from the fall of Gallat; repressive rule by the military government of that state pushed the various cities on the Kern Sea into open rebellion. The League, centered, as one would expect, around the city of Gallasa, managed to win that war, establishing a federation of free cities, retaining a large degree of domestic autonomy and linking their foreign policies in order to survive challenges by various threatening neighbors. For much of their history, they have jockeyed for position with their fellow Gallatene successor states Tarena and Sirasona, and the Bhari Roshate to the south. Sirasona joined the League, and they absorbed the latter in the Concord of Sirasona, but their conflicts with Tarena only intensified as Tarena converted to Eastern Aitahism, culminating in the War of the Empty Throne.

The League and its allies, the Karapeshai Exatai, would win that war, holding off the forces of Tarena and their larger ally, the Dual Empire. The aftermath of that war, though, drew them into a number of minor conflicts -- with the Cyvekt, and the forces of Brunn. The latter would escalate into a holy war, as the state faith of Maninism was seen as coming under attack by an Aitahist coalition led by the self-proclaimed Fifth Aitah, Kintyra; eventually, the armies of Brunn, under their king Ogynan, would march to the gates of Gallasa itself, and burned the city to the ground, along with its High Ward.

In the aftermath, the failing Gallasene state would be replaced by the firm rule of Altaro Javan, who founded the Halyrate of Gallat.