The easternmost extent of the Kotthorn Mountains

The Kotthorn Mountains are the longest and generally tallest chain of mountains in the known world. Edit

Geography Edit

From the region of Moti they cut south-east across the interior of the western cradle, then run east-west until they terminate near the sea in Hamakua. Beyond a small region of lowlands north-west of Moti the chain of mountains continues into the continental interior.

The major rivers Had, Kiyaj, Sesh, and one branch of the Yensai all begin in the Kotthorn uplands.

Some of the earliest tin mining began in the foothills of the extreme eastern Kotthorns, and later major deposits were worked in the area around Moti. Numerous mineral deposits can be found through the range -- the Dulama in particular extract large amounts of gold north of the River Thala.

Nomenclature Edit

The most commonly used name for these mountains, 'Kotthorns', originated with the early Thearaki.

The Satar call them 'Kothai'.

The Faronun known them as 'Coaha'.

To the Hu'ut, they are the 'Hottubamelepotton'e'en'.

The Hamakuan term was 'Mana'.

The Zyesh called them 'Kush Hannanu' or more recently 'Qat Haran'.