A small country on the coasts of the Galas Sea and the Nakalani, Jipha was a state with a long and somewhat eccentric history. Colonized by the Liealb in ancient times, it fought an invasion by the much larger Krato to a standstill, eventually triggering the fall of that state. Absorbing refugees from the fall of Hamakua, it gained a substantial following in the faith of Indagahor, subsequently isolating it somewhat from the neighboring Holy Moti Empire, a powerful supporter of the rival religion of Iralliam. Nevertheless, a large merchant marine connected it to the wider world by sea until the throne would be taken by a series of increasingly grasping kings, ending with an attempt to conquer its ally in Kilar. This attack provoked the hostility of almost all of its neighbors, leading to its conquest by the Kothari Exatai with the Moti Ayasi's sanction.