The High Oracle is the highest religious authority in Ardavan, the traditional faith of the Satar, Acca, and Evinai. Historically, he was based in Magha, but with the loss of that city he subsequently founded a remote monastery at Siaxis that grew into a fortress-city. The first High Oracle was Xephaion, prominent companion of Second Redeemer Atraxes. Of old, the Oracles wielded tremendous temporal as well as spiritual power, but the destruction of their power-base in Magha rendered them rather impotent. Something of an empty title for much of the Karapeshai, the Oracles have since regained significant temporal authority with the accord of the Matshav and the growth of Siaxis into an important center of culture and diplomacy among the fragmented Vedai Satar. The High Oracle now possesses the authority to ordain the Redeemer, and so the more ambitious princes of the Vedai Satar spend a considerable amount of effort and money trying to gain his favour.