Grandpatriarch is the title for the leader of the faith of Iralliam, based in Opios. As spiritual leader of what is possibly the religion with the most adherents in the world, and absolute ruler of the Ecclesiastical State the Grandpatriarch wields a huge degree of influence and power, despite the limited area of his actual direct rule.

Consequently, the Grandpatriarchate has long had conflicts with the great Lords of nearby Empires, coming into conflict with the ruler of the Holy Moti Empire in the years of that Empire prior to its collapse. Tense relations likewise in their turn manifested between the Redeemer of the Kothari Exatai and the Grandpatriarchate over Church influence in local Kothari politics, which eventually resulted in the Redeemer Etereaxes joining the independent conclaves of Helsia in schism and splitting his Empire in twain between the imperial followers of conclavism and those who remain loyal to the Grand-Patriarchate. Likewise relations with the Aitahist states in what was once the heart of the Iralliamite Holy Moti Empire remain frosty to this day.