Gaci is a city nestled in the Kotthorn mountains. For much of its history it was the capital of the Holy Moti Empire, seat of the Lord of the World and ceremonial center of the world, and the point around which the cradle revolved. Adorned with tremendous monuments, from the Ayasi's Feast Tent to the Great Church, and surrounded by high quality glassware and other craftsmen, Gaci was rivalled in size and grandeur only by Dula, far to the west. Those days of glory and now long gone. The downfall of Gaci mirrored the downfall of the empire, and began during Redeemer Talephas' intervention in the empire. Gaci was sacked through betrayal by the Karapeshai prince Sianai, who then declared his own exatai in the city. Surrounded by enemies, Sianai chose to flee Gaci, taking with him much of the treasure of the city and leaving it partially ruined. Before either city or empire could recover the Redeemer Elikas led Satar armies south again in the Western War, and Gaci was thoroughly sacked again. The empire tottered on a while longer, but it would never recover, and Gaci never regained its former grandeur. Now, greatly reduced, it is the capital of the Ayase of Gaci, itself the greatly reduced successor to the glories of the Moti.