Caroha (Satar: Kargan) is a major city located on the Straits of Kargan between the Kern and Lovi Sea. Founded by Jania, it was seized by the Trilui Empire because of its strategic location on one of the greatest trade routes of the known world. Impressively fortified, it withstood several sieges by other powers during Trilui rule. However, after the defeat of the Trilui Empire by the Satar and utlimately the Opulensi, the city broke free becoming one of the Trilui successor states. It was later conquered by the Ardavai Exatai.

Kargan was one of the largest cities in the Exatai, with almost 100,000 souls. The Exatai's fall in the War of the Three Gods came even harder to Kargan -- the city was besieged by Faron and Seshweay forces for several years. The garrison resorted to the cannibalism of the civilian population in the Feast of Kargan, enabling it to survive for somewhat longer, but eventually falling to treachery, with the complete and utter destruction of the city and almost all the garrison thereof.

Since the feast, it has been rebuilt as the center of the Farubaida o Caroha, becoming once more a major trading and fishing center. Cosmopolitan and diverse, ethnicities from all corners of the world are represented here: Opulensi, Triluin, Seshweay, Accans, Sirans, Gallatenes, while it has also emerged as a center both of high culture and learning. The long Satar rule, however, left little surviving impression, as the city traditionally does not allow any Satar to set foot within its walls.