Derived from the name of the Seshweay hero Aya'se, Ayasi was the term used to refer to the political leader of the Holy Moti Empire. As implied by the roundabout etymology, the title has had a strange history. Traditionally, the Moti leader would be elected as the Chief-of-chiefs, in a manner similar to that of old Krato. However, with the conquest of Bysria by the early Moti Empire, the Uggor incorporated a new bureaucracy, one which drew heavily on the Seshweay tradition, and moreover their empire now included a huge non-Uggor section -- one which obviously had no chiefs in the traditional Uggor sense. The idea of the "Imperial" was thus heavily identified with the Aitahist Seshweay, and their by now almost legendary first emperor.

After the fall of the Holy Moti Empire, the title remains in use by the Aitahist state that occupies the former heartland of Moti territory. Likewise the Redeemers of the Kothari Exatai retain it amongst their numerous titles in reference to their status as paramount imperial Lords in the region, claiming the title was granted to their use by the Moti Ayasis in centuries past. The title continues to be the main term for an imperial ruler throughout much of the eastern cradle.

List of Notable Ayasis Edit

¹First-Gaci and his immediate successors did not adopt the title of Ayasi themselves, but it would later be applied to them after its adoption by First-Sirti.