Arastephas the Redeemer was a legendary Satar warlord, the First Redeemer of the Exatai of the Satar, and later became a major religious figure in the religion of Ardavan, along with his son Atraxes.


The majority of Arastephas' life was spent on the Rath Satar, the easternmost extension of the great steppe that covers the northwestern portion of the world. Born a shepherd named Ephkar, he either discovered or reforged the Golden Mask once used by the Satraps of the legendary Satarai, including Taleldil himself. Following this discovery, he conquered or otherwise subdued the Seven Princes, claiming the Princedom of the Star for himself before passing it on to his son, Atraxes. The newly masked Redeemer and High Prince, he led the confederacy of the Satar in a massive invasion and partial migration into the Sesh, an endeavor that ended with the fall of Seis and the conquest of the entire river valley. Following his success, he vanished into the desert, leaving the new Exatai to Atraxes.


The migration begun by Arastephas changed the entire history of the western continent. Satar tracing his lineage would one day occupy regions from Zyesh to Evyn.